Matrix Fight Club

The reason everyone is here. How do you all do?

After reading a space article in roughly July of 2012 my mind wondered to wouldn’t it be cool if. If I could only make my own zero gravity room because what girl wouldn’t want to check it out. And I could even stick some fights in there too. It’d kind of be like a matrix styled fight league. But that was whatever and I quickly moved on.

And months passed to December of 2012. And one day I revisited that old idea and wrote a spoof piece for my All Natural PED strength sleeve as I was just messing around at the time. With the general theme of what can you accomplish on an All Natural PED strength sleeve because I just created a Matrix Fight League while I was on it.

And at this point everything was still a joke, but then I started looking into parabolic flights and realized all those cool possibilities could easily become realities. All I would have to do is throw it up on Kickstarter. But there was one big problem, my All Natural PED strength sleeve was not finished yet and I was no where close to being ready. So the whole idea went on the back burner.

Luckily, a good deal of the leg work and thought process was done, and in July of 2013 my All Natural PED strength sleeve was done too. But then reality set in. If I were to launch this on Kickstarter and actually get funded, but not pay for a parabolic flight, then I’d be on the hook for a huge tax bill that would put me under. And that was too much risk for me to handle. So it was delayed yet again.

And then the calendar turned, January 2014 is finally here. My project is finally on Kickstarter, acting as my way far out campaign for my All Natural PED strength sleeve. But it has become so much more than that to me, as I see how close and possible this really is, and how great it would be. Needless to say, I’m super excited, as I think we have an excellent chance to see something so far out that only special effects could recreate it.

Because when you see someone get caught and catch a right hook and float 10 feet through the air. You will know what you just saw. But you’ll probably turn to the person next to you, do a double take and then say, “Holy smokes that was bad ass.” I think we just witnessed the fight of the century.”

And it was only possible because we tried.